Thursday, February 21, 2013

moving is miserable 引越しは大変だなも

I moved! I moved to a new apartment yaay! My parents started packing and the whole moving process made me so miserable…. You know I am a
french bull of routine and I don't want big boxes! And this is how miserable I was. I was hiding in my bag so I don't have to see any boxes! But I forgot to hide my back leg… but my back leg was safe.

I was so upset that there are so many boxes and sometimes they block my way, I peed on my parents' bed twice. They deserve it! They didn't
yell at me, so I felt a bit guilty. But I'm a french bull so I can do whatever I want to express my feelings.

Finally we are settling in to our new home and this is the proof. I can sleep upside down on my couch again. I have my bed, I have my cage, I have my breakfast and dinner, and I have nice walks in a new neighborhood. Life is very good now.




chubu walked: up and down!
chubu peed: twice on the bed
chubu pooped: very well