Monday, March 31, 2008

learning tricks 芸の道

it's raining today. mom went to work. so my dad taught me some tricks. i like learning tricks because i have a chance to get a lot of treats. today's trick was "to stay" - it is always a combination with "sit." because i can already do "sit," (yes!) i mainly practiced how to stay. my house has a very long hallway, so dad used that space for training. i want to tell you a secret - my dad is a lot more strict than my mom. sometimes, i just want to lay low and rest and bite my toys, but i tried really hard to make my dad proud (and earn more treats). my dad was reporting the process of training to mom on the phone. my mom called my name on the phone, and i didn't know where she was calling from... i couldn't help turning my head. when mom told me to sit, i did! i am a good boy!! oh, my dad is going to the gym now, so i can take a nap for a while...

after mom came home, i performed what i learned today. mom was very happy to see my new tricks. maybe when i go to her office next time, i can show off and get more belly rub! ohhhh, just thinking of that makes me smile.

chubu walked: 8 time (record high! thank you mom and dad)
chubu peed: 8 times
chubu pooped: 3 times
chubu practiced the tricks: 1 hour... wow!




Sunday, March 30, 2008

close encounters of the cat kind 猫との遭遇

i had a close encounters of the cat kind today. OMG!!! i met two cats today at oliver & britta's apartment. they are so strange! they walk so quietly, i didn't even know they were so close to me and staring at me. they seem to speak a different language, but i liked them. i hope that i can be friends with them.

oh, before i met the cats, dad's friend chris came over. he gave me a lot of love. he is now one of my human friend.

then, i attended the co-op meeting tonight. it was very important for me to be there. i met all the people in the building for the first time, and they all gave me belly rub and kisses. i was disappointed that no one gave me any pizza, though. i really wanted to become a presidnet of the board, but i didn't because i was a little too young. my suggestion for the board is to have some treats for the building. i always have great ideas when it comes to eating. maybe next time i'll be nominated to have some title...

chubu walked: 6 times
chubu peed: 8 times (miracle wee wee pad made me peed 3 times on it!)
chubu pooped: 4 times (even when i'm hungry, i pooped. don't know why)
chubu napped: 4 times





Saturday, March 29, 2008

dog run! ドッグラン!

it's been a week since i came to my mom & dad's. today is saturday, so they took me to the dog run for the first time. it was so fun and i got so excited!! i played with a white poodle, a beagle, and some other bigger dog friends. just so you know, i can run really fast! the crazy poodle jumped on me so many times, so i pretended to be subservient. all the human friends gave me so much belly rub whenever i rolled over, that was a good bonus of pretending subservient. as i got super excited, i forgot who my mom and dad were and i didn't go to them when they called me. dad was a bit sad. i ran so much, i'm so exhausted now...

when we came home, mom gave me a bath because i was so dusty. i love being wet and smell like a wet dog because i feel so adult! i can't shake my body so well yet, but i tried... after the nice bath, it's a nap time! i love napping so much. i'm so good at snoring!

by the way, today is mom & dad's anniversary. they are going out for dinner soon. i expect them to bring back some steak pieces for me. they told me how nice hawaii was. i hope i can go there sometime.

chubu walked: 6 times (also ran as fast as possible with my short legs)
chubu peed: 8 times (twice at the dog run and twice on the wee wee pad. yaaay!)
chubu pooped: 3 times (well done!)
chubu napped: the whole time after the dog run adventure





Friday, March 28, 2008

first day of work 初出勤

today, i'm at work with mom. this is my first time to come to soho! i forgot to pee before i went into her office, so i peed on the wee wee pad. there are so many people in this office and they all gave me a lot of belly rub. that felt good. all morning i helped mom typing emails and drawing on a computer. it seems that there is something wonderful/yummy on the other side of the office and i pulled mom to walk me there. i saw more people and more belly rub.

then, we walked to "la esquina" to get lunch. there was a small park in front of it, and i pooped and peed there. mom was very happy and gave me some treats. i think i have a good vibe with that park. and the whole park smelled like yummy mexican food. i don't know what mexican is, though...

after lunch is my nap time. i took a good nap under mom's desk. i also played with finn, the cutest 3 year old boy. i'm so proud today for my work and good poop in the park.

chubu walked: 4 times so far
chubu peed: 3 times
chubu pooped: once
chubu napped: 2 times




Thursday, March 27, 2008

frog face friend かえる顔の友達

my mom and dad think that i have a frog face. i don't know what frog is, so i don't know if they are right. do you think i have a frog face? i wonder if there's any french bulldogs who are not like frogs. when my mom and i were walking this evening, i met a smaller french bulldog. she was a pied girl who was only 3 month old. she was so small. was i ever that small? i don't remember. on the way back from the walk, i was so excited and i pulled mom so much and she got upset. she didn't give me any treat. i just wanted to smell someone else's poop... there are a lot of good pooper in this neighborhood. my mom and dad don't want me eating those poops.

chubu walked: 7 times started from 5:30am
chubu peed: 6 times
chubu pooped: 3 times! (i pooped at 5:30am! yaay!)



Wednesday, March 26, 2008

hello, i'm chubu こにちわ、チュウブです

hello everyone.
my name is chubu. i am a 6-month-old, french bulldog boy. i was named after the area in japan where my mom's from. my dad and mom wanted me to start a blog to keep track of my eating, walking, and going to bathroom schedule because i had a few "accidents." i hope you enjoy my peeing & pooping diary!

みなさん こにちわ。ぼくチュウブです。ぼくはフレンチブルドッグで、今6ヶ月です。ぼくの名前はアヤコの出身地、中部地方からつけられました。ぼくの体はチューブに似てるからぴったりだと思うのです。このブログはアヤコとアーロンが、自分のトイレトレーニングの記録をつけるために始めるように、って言ったから始めました。ぼくはアヤコとアーロンのところに来てからまだ1週間目だから、ここがどういうところかまだよくわからないけど、がんばってトイレトレーニングするぞー。

chubu walked: 8 times(!) (thank you mejos to walk me so many times!)
chubu peed: 7 times
chubu pooped: 2 times - 1 giant accident at home!
chubu napped: 5 times - not so bad