Sunday, March 30, 2008

close encounters of the cat kind 猫との遭遇

i had a close encounters of the cat kind today. OMG!!! i met two cats today at oliver & britta's apartment. they are so strange! they walk so quietly, i didn't even know they were so close to me and staring at me. they seem to speak a different language, but i liked them. i hope that i can be friends with them.

oh, before i met the cats, dad's friend chris came over. he gave me a lot of love. he is now one of my human friend.

then, i attended the co-op meeting tonight. it was very important for me to be there. i met all the people in the building for the first time, and they all gave me belly rub and kisses. i was disappointed that no one gave me any pizza, though. i really wanted to become a presidnet of the board, but i didn't because i was a little too young. my suggestion for the board is to have some treats for the building. i always have great ideas when it comes to eating. maybe next time i'll be nominated to have some title...

chubu walked: 6 times
chubu peed: 8 times (miracle wee wee pad made me peed 3 times on it!)
chubu pooped: 4 times (even when i'm hungry, i pooped. don't know why)
chubu napped: 4 times





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