Friday, March 28, 2008

first day of work 初出勤

today, i'm at work with mom. this is my first time to come to soho! i forgot to pee before i went into her office, so i peed on the wee wee pad. there are so many people in this office and they all gave me a lot of belly rub. that felt good. all morning i helped mom typing emails and drawing on a computer. it seems that there is something wonderful/yummy on the other side of the office and i pulled mom to walk me there. i saw more people and more belly rub.

then, we walked to "la esquina" to get lunch. there was a small park in front of it, and i pooped and peed there. mom was very happy and gave me some treats. i think i have a good vibe with that park. and the whole park smelled like yummy mexican food. i don't know what mexican is, though...

after lunch is my nap time. i took a good nap under mom's desk. i also played with finn, the cutest 3 year old boy. i'm so proud today for my work and good poop in the park.

chubu walked: 4 times so far
chubu peed: 3 times
chubu pooped: once
chubu napped: 2 times




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