Monday, March 31, 2008

learning tricks 芸の道

it's raining today. mom went to work. so my dad taught me some tricks. i like learning tricks because i have a chance to get a lot of treats. today's trick was "to stay" - it is always a combination with "sit." because i can already do "sit," (yes!) i mainly practiced how to stay. my house has a very long hallway, so dad used that space for training. i want to tell you a secret - my dad is a lot more strict than my mom. sometimes, i just want to lay low and rest and bite my toys, but i tried really hard to make my dad proud (and earn more treats). my dad was reporting the process of training to mom on the phone. my mom called my name on the phone, and i didn't know where she was calling from... i couldn't help turning my head. when mom told me to sit, i did! i am a good boy!! oh, my dad is going to the gym now, so i can take a nap for a while...

after mom came home, i performed what i learned today. mom was very happy to see my new tricks. maybe when i go to her office next time, i can show off and get more belly rub! ohhhh, just thinking of that makes me smile.

chubu walked: 8 time (record high! thank you mom and dad)
chubu peed: 8 times
chubu pooped: 3 times
chubu practiced the tricks: 1 hour... wow!




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