Saturday, October 31, 2009

trick AND treats! いたずらするからおやつちょーだい!

happy halloween! did anyone wear costume and parade? i went to a parade in brooklyn in my pirate costume. ahoy!! i pulled it off pretty well, don't you think? i love wearing a costume. everyone loved it and so many people took photos of me. as you know, i'm already a professional model, i can work it very well.

i love hearing people say "ahhh, look at the pirate french bull!" i heard that so many times today. my only complaint of the day is that i didn't get any dog treats even though i was one of the best dressed. why no one has dog treats in their treats bowls? next year, maybe i should wear a sign saying "trick and dog treats!!"

chubu walked: in a parade
chubu peed: i didn't pee on any pumpkins
chubu pooped: 2 times





Hannah said...

i was dressed as a NASA spacedoggie. i tried to run so fast that i could be a rocket dog, but my spacesuit held me back a little. i don't like to move much in it. my friend Skippy Doodle came over in his skunk costume. we had fun playing chase and getting our outfits muddy! maybe next year i will come parade with you.

your fuzz face cousin, sulley.

chubu said...

hi sully! your nasa costume sounds so cool. yes, please please come to the parade next year! we can rock the parade for sure!!

by the way, the sweater your mom made for me is still my favorite!