Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 important tricks でら大事な芸2つ

it's a french bulldog hot dog day! my neighborhood has a lot of italian sausage stands at street fairs. when i walk around, i smell sausages everywhere and it's so hard for me to focus on walking. there are a lot of games, too, but the food comes first! so i convinced my mom to get a giant hot dog and eat outside.

ah, the sausage smells so gooooood! i can do 2 tricks to get food and treat - one is begging eyes and the other is sad eyes. the begging eyes is when i open my eyes so big and round and stare at the food. the sad eyes is when i have some tears in my eyes and look at my parents' face. those 2 tricks really work!

chubu walked: a lot
chubu peed: a lot
chubu pooped: 2 times




1 comment:

Ann V. said...

Is the blue vest that he is wearing a cooling vest or a fashion vest? My frenchie gets so hot it would be great to find a vest with ice packs....