Friday, December 5, 2008

let's go shopping お買い物に行こう

on the black friday, i went shopping. i love shopping! i love going to pet stores because i can try all the new toys and have a bite of treats that are stored in the bottomr shelf. sometimes i can find very nice, big treats and bones under the cashier's table. but this time, i sat in the shopping cart, so i couldn't reach those big treats on the bottom shelf.

so we went to one of my favorite pet store in pennsylvania. this store has my food... my favorite beef and duck cans. my parents bought 3 dozens of my cans, woohoo!! now i don't have to worry about my breakfast and dinner for a while.

chubu walked: 5 times
chubu peed: 5 times
chubu pooped: 2 times




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