Monday, January 19, 2009

snowy day 雪やこんこん

snowy day! i love snow. i love running on the snow, i love peeing on the snow, and i love eating the snow. it's a bit cold on my little paws, but i'm a strong young boy. my mom wipes my paws after every walk. it's a bit annoying, but there are so much salt on the street in ny, so i have to do it.

after running around on the snow, i need a nice long nap in a very warm room. today, i found a nice spot that is even warmer - on the clothes that are fresh out of the dryer. it feels so good on my belly. i tend to slobber while sleeping, so i might have made some slobber stain on a clean clothes. i have to hide it from my mom...

chubu walked: 5 times
chubu peed: 5 times
chubu pooped: 2 times




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