Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a year in brooklyn ブルックリン1周年記念

a year ago, i moved to brooklyn to be part of my parents' family. today's first photo is my very first photo as "chubu." my mom took this photo when she picked me up in ohio. that was my first trip on an airplane. my dad pick us up at newark airport with the sign with my new name on it. chubu... i can't imagine me having any other name now.

my mom used to wake up at 5am to let me go pee outside. and i used to poop at home. i pooped out a long red thread from my doggie bed once. ahhhh, it feels like such a long time ago. i am a big boy now! brooklyn is mine!

chubu walked: 5 times
chubu peed: 5 times
chubu pooped: 2 times




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