Sunday, July 5, 2009

driving to montreal モントリオールへの旅

woohoo! i'm in a car driving to montreal, canada! this is my first trip to another country, woohoo! did you know that i'm half canadian? oh, don't forget that i'm a french bulldog! the first language in montreal is french. so i will be even more popular there for sure. ah, i can't wait to get there.

when i'm feeling the breeze from the car window, i feel like i was born to be wild. i love being in a car. of course i wear my seat belt on, i lay down on my mom's lap, so i'm a safety driver.

the driving was very smooth. only problem we had was that it took about 1 hour and a half to go through the border control, but i slept through it. i had my passport and health documents and i was good to go. bon jour montreal!! i will report my trip to montreal through a few posts on this blog. to be continued!

chubu walked: whenever we stopped at rest stop
chubu peed: a few very long pee pee
chubu pooped: a few very good ones





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