Sunday, March 11, 2012

always with japan 心はいつも日本と共に

a year has passed since Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster. past 12 months, there was not a single day that i didn't think of japan, the victims, and those who survived but lost way too many things. there were many events to gather for the victims in ny and my mom and dad were able to go to a few of them. it's very powerful and amazing to see so many people come together to let the victims know that we are always with them.

as a frog faced french bull, there is not many things i can do for the people who are working so hard every day to rebuild their home. i just wanted to show them my love for japan. i will always share my treats with them i promise. and i will improve my stand up comedian skill so i can make them laugh. i hope there will be more smiles then tears in their lives from now on.



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