Monday, June 22, 2009

i see something おばけ?

last night, i went to the bedroom by myself because i thought i heard some sound. what is it? i i went on the stairs and tried to see if there was anything out of the window... i see some shadows! what is it? who is it?? so i went "grrrrrrrrr." some humans think that dogs make that noise to give warning, but it is actually because they want their human family to come near us. we need some support when we are scared! so "grrrrrr" means "i'm a bit scared, please come help me" in the frog face language. ah, life is all about learning new things, right?

oh, you want to know what i thought i saw in the bedroom? my mom said that i just saw the shadow of her walking towards the bedroom. but i don't believe her... i think it was a frog face ghost! scared!

chubu walked: 6 times
chubu peed: 6 times
chubu pooped: 2 times




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