Tuesday, September 30, 2008

girlfriend! ガールフレンド!

look at this cute girl! this is one of my girlfriend zoeteen. she is 11 month old and she is a bit heavier than me. because this was our first date, we took a formal portrait.

i brought my toys to her with my toys, but she wasn't so interested in them. she liked being in my cage though (it was a perfect size for her.) then we decided to show off our tricks. she did her famous kick for me. wow, that was so fast and strong.

our first date went well. i like her so much. so i tried something.... but i can't tell you what i did. it's a big secret!

chubu walked: 5 times
chubu peed: 5 times
chubu pooped: 3 times






The Stace said...

Dan sent me here to read this wonderful story of Zoe meeting a new friend. So adorable.

Chubu's not giving up his secret? Did he give Zoe kisses?

chubu said...

hi! thank you for the comment! i have to ask dan if i can give up the secret... because the secret is as big as my snoring sound. dad, what should i do? can i tell the secret?

aaron said...

chubu .. son.. you can give up the secret if you do not go into graphic detail!