Saturday, December 21, 2013

First mobile post! 携帯から初の更新!

Because I'm so cool, I got a mobile app to update my blog! Such high tech French bull I am. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

moving is miserable 引越しは大変だなも

I moved! I moved to a new apartment yaay! My parents started packing and the whole moving process made me so miserable…. You know I am a
french bull of routine and I don't want big boxes! And this is how miserable I was. I was hiding in my bag so I don't have to see any boxes! But I forgot to hide my back leg… but my back leg was safe.

I was so upset that there are so many boxes and sometimes they block my way, I peed on my parents' bed twice. They deserve it! They didn't
yell at me, so I felt a bit guilty. But I'm a french bull so I can do whatever I want to express my feelings.

Finally we are settling in to our new home and this is the proof. I can sleep upside down on my couch again. I have my bed, I have my cage, I have my breakfast and dinner, and I have nice walks in a new neighborhood. Life is very good now.




chubu walked: up and down!
chubu peed: twice on the bed
chubu pooped: very well


Thursday, July 12, 2012

summer bath time 夏のバスタイム

ahhhhh, it's so hot every day! because it's so hot, i'm shedding so so much every night. am i going to be bold?? i'm too young to be a bald french bull.... anyway, i had a bath today so i can shed as much as i want in the shower.

my mom made the shower kind of cold, so it was like a fountain in the park. my minty shower gel feels so good in summer time. my mom massaged my whole body in shower and it felt soooooo good. look at my beautiful dreamy eyes!

chubu walked: early morning because it's too hot
chubu peed: a lot because it's too hot
chubu pooped: quickly because it's too hot



Monday, April 9, 2012

maine trip 1 メイン州への旅 そのいち

i'm in maine now. maine french bull! the light house is so pretty and it lights my beautiful body... maine makes me a poet!!

it's a bit chilly in maine, but it's a perfect climate for a french bull. i love looking at ocean, and i love watching my parents eat clam steamers even more. am i allowed to eat any shellfish?

we took a boat to one of the islands in maine. i had my own ticket and i was so excited! the boat ride was great. i stayed inside half the time and i was on the outside deck half the time. i feel like i own this boat because i was the only french bull. call me captain chubu!

my main trip continues....





Sunday, March 11, 2012

always with japan 心はいつも日本と共に

a year has passed since Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster. past 12 months, there was not a single day that i didn't think of japan, the victims, and those who survived but lost way too many things. there were many events to gather for the victims in ny and my mom and dad were able to go to a few of them. it's very powerful and amazing to see so many people come together to let the victims know that we are always with them.

as a frog faced french bull, there is not many things i can do for the people who are working so hard every day to rebuild their home. i just wanted to show them my love for japan. i will always share my treats with them i promise. and i will improve my stand up comedian skill so i can make them laugh. i hope there will be more smiles then tears in their lives from now on.



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

heart chubu チュウブだいすき

happy valentine's day everyone! thank you for your love always!! so i made a big heart today to share with my frog face world. even though i love to sniff chocolates, chocolates are bad for frog face. so i'm expecting to get a giant heart shaped cookie from my parents. if i don't get anything, i will be very mean to them.... heart, chubu!

chubu walked: 4 times
chubu peed: 4 times
chubu pooped: so early, so big



Friday, February 3, 2012

howdy! おぉぉぉぉーい!

howdy! can you see me? i went to red hook the other day and i had a great time. my mom was cautious because i got hurt when i came here last time. mom worries about me too much!

by the way, from where i was in the first photo to where i got on the second photo, it only took 4 seconds. isn't it a world record?

chubu walked: 4 times
chubu peed: 12 times
chubu pooped: 2 times