Tuesday, May 13, 2008

bunny hunter うさぎハンター

i want to tell you about my strange adventure from last weekend. with my brother lenni, i did so much fun things including the agility training. but of course i got into some trouble.
when lenni and i went for walk by ourselves, lenni told me his hunting stories - some successful ones and some unsuccessful ones. (the unsuccessful one is about his sister sadie. one time she was trying to catch a porcupine, and the porcupine shot the quills at her. she had so many quills on her nose and she cried so much.) anyway, lenni got me really interested in hunting. so i asked him to take me to some hunting spot that he always goes to. then, he showed me a small hole on the ground. i didn't know what kind of small animals there were. lenni went first. he put his long nose in the hole and grabbed something. it was a bunny! i never saw a bunny before, so i got really excited. my face is too flat to go inside of the bunny hole, so i waited just like a good hunter. then a tiny baby bunny came out of the hole. here is the result.

yaaay! i hunt a baby bunny! so i ran back to show it to my dad. i expected him to be super happy, but his facial expression was a bit complicated looking. i gave him the bunny, and i waited for the treats but he didn't give me any. he seemed to like the bunny so much. he made sure that the baby bunny was okay and he let her go. i think i am one of the few french bulldog who can hunt. i'm so proud!





Hannah said...

hi cousin chubu! it's sulley again... i wanted to share my hunting story with you. i'm not such a good hunter like you are... i saw a bunny once on our lawn. 1st i growled at it and hid behind my mom's legs. then i thought maybe this bunny liked to play chasing games so i ran for her. she ran very fast, and i couldn't catch her. what i really like to hunt though are dryer sheets and socks! i am master hunter in my house of all socks and dryer sheets. sometimes i like to eat them, but sometimes i just like to hold them in my mouth as i am very proud of how good a hunter i am! i hope we can hunt and play together!

chubu said...

hi sulley! i like to hunt dryer sheet and socks, too! i think dryer sheet takes taste good. we are gourmet! let's go hunting together soon... : )