Sunday, May 11, 2008

pig friend 豚友

i went to a local pet store yesterday to get a paw cream. french bulldogs care about their paws so much. i want to use some protection for my paws so they are always soft and nice. at the pet store i went, i found such an unusual animal.....

a pig! a pig friend in a pet store! does it mean that my mom can buy him and bring him home? so cute!! look at his long eye rushes! i hope someone who has a nice yard will buy him because his cage looks a bit small. i think we can be a good friends because we use the same frog language. maybe i'll ask my grandparents to get him.

when i got home, i had a visitor. the famous annoying pomeranian del-chan! del-chan is a professional peeper. whenever she is excited which is all the time, she pees. and she barks and cries when no one is not holding her. she is a piece of work in my opinion, but she is still pretty cute. she lives with my japanese cousin sena. sena is very kawaii!!!




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