Saturday, May 10, 2008

special travel report: hello nagoya! ハロー名古屋!

here i am! i am in nagoya, my hometown! after 14 hours flight from ny via detroit, i finally arrived in chubu international airport. yes, this is the airport that i am named after. the flight was long, so i ate all the meals. plus i ate an apple and a small sandwich as well. airplane is the perfect place to gain weight.
chubu/nagoya airport has a really cute mascot. his name is "who" the mysterious traveler. in this photo, he is introducing german beer.

it was raining all day here, but i went to pay some respect to my dad's favorite place in nagoya - bic camera! i'm sure he is so proud of me. i went there to buy a SD card reader. i wanted to use some massage chair there, but i didn't have enough time to enjoy it. so i have to go back there sometime soon.

just a reminder, this is chubu writing about my mom's trip to japan. i am pretending to be there with her. i actually am in ny with my dad. i peed on my doggie bed twice today because i miss my mom. oh no, i am supposed to make proud when she's away. i'll be a good boy tomorrow dad, i promise!






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