Thursday, May 15, 2008

"dive into your body" or "diving"

my grandparents took me to their friend marjie's house the other day. i found an unusual looking thing at her house... it looked like a big mirror or something. so i tried to jump over it. i was so excited the whole time and i felt like i could do anything.

it was a swimming pool!! i jumped in the swimming pool! i wasn't ready to swim at all... so i sank and sank and sank. then my dad grabbed me and saved me. that was scary.

it was a chilly day, so my little body got really cold... look at my stunned face. i was really surprised at what just happened to me.

i learned that i should be a bit more careful. (i'm growing up every day.)





aaron said...

Dear Son,
I just ordered you a French Bulldog flotation device. Please let's use that next time you want to dive into the pool! love, dad

chubu said...

thank you dad! you know all the cool gadget and i because such a hi-tech smorge!

Hannah said...

cuz... i wants to swim so bad! i try to swim in doggie bowls all the time. mom says thanks for helping to clean the floor, cause i make it so wet when i splash around. i go deep sea diving too! i leave no crumb unfetched! i'm sorry to hear you forgot how to us paddle. i will be lifeguard for you. mom says she can't wait until it gets warmer for she will take me near your gramdmom's house to swim... i don't know why it matters if its warm or cold... when i see water i wants to swim in it! maybe your dad will finds you a lily pad to rest your froggy face on