Sunday, June 22, 2008

bridge over chubu water チュウブ川にかかる橋

today, i went to kent, conneticut with my parents. i will tell you why we went there later. i want to write about my bridge that i found there. the name of the bridge is "bulls bridge" - this is translated to "french bulldogs bridge" in my mind. so we did some photoshoot. look how cool this covered bridge! i wish my crate was covered with wooden roof like that. maybe my dad can make one for me.

it was a bit hot today, so i really wanted to go swimming. but the water runs so fast there, so i didn't. i'm sure my dad wanted to go in as well. just standing by the water made me feel so nice though. it is a negative ion effect. thanks to this effect, i had so much gas passing in our car. i couldn't stop smiling whenever i farted because it feels so good. i don't know why my parents don't enjoy it. i sometimes just don't understand humans.

chubu walked: all day
chubu peed: 10 times
chubu pooped: 5 times. a bit loose because of the dog run visit. i am very sensitive.



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