Sunday, June 15, 2008

father's day adventure 父の日の冒険

hello everyone! i am playing hide & seek. can you find me?

i was visiting my grand parents for father's day. it was such a hot day. but i just had to run around the field.i was with my 3 siblings. they are much taller than me. the tall grass gives me a big advantage when we play hide & seek. you can guess where i am from the grass moving.

after the play time, i patrolled the field with my grandpa. what i was looking for were bunnies and deers. i heard that lenni caught a baby deer the other day, so i really wanted to get one, too. yes, i am very competitive. also i wanted to give a present for my dad. i think my dad would love a baby bunny or a baby deer. look how serious i am. well, today, i didn't catch anything, so i couldn't give anything to him. instead, i did a lot of poop work. i hope that made him happy.

chubu walked: all day
chubu peed: a lot
chubu pooped: infinity!





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