Wednesday, June 25, 2008

pee like a man 大人なオシッコ

today is a memorable day. i peed like a man in soho! i came to my mom's work today, and when we walked at lunch time, i peed with my leg up. woohoo! i heard my mom saying "oh no" but i think she meant "oh yes!" i don't know why i thought of peeing with my leg up, but it just came naturally.

however (however! what a matured word!), while peeing with my leg up, i got so tired. so i had to go back to my regular style of peeing. i think i had too much water. that pee went on and on, and i made a biggest pee puddle ever. that felt so good. i feel so accomplished today.

chubu walked: 5 times
chub peed: 1.5 liter
chubu pooped: 500g





Hannah said...

hi cousin chubes! sometimes... i switch legs while i'm peeing! and sometimes, i loose my balance and put my little footie down. why do we have to lift our leg anyway... my aunt abby doesn't... so sometimes, i don't. but i can't resist tufts of grass and my neighbor dog remy's fence!

chubu said...

sulley! i didn't know you can switch legs while peeing! i will try to master that trick. does the leg length matter? i think your legs are so much longer than mine...