Monday, June 16, 2008

musical talent 音楽の才能

at my uncle earl's house, i played the piano. did you know that i have some musical talent? i do, i do! piano is my favorite. i stood on my mom's lap and hit the keys. after the great great lunch that uncle earl cooked for us, i played some songs for everyone. do you want to know what songs i played?

"country road" by john denver, "take me out to the ball game", and "dawn valley" by tm network. very nice.

i wish the late basset hound montgomery was there singing to my piano. i never had a chance to meet him, but my mom always says that he was the best basset hound in the world. it is very cool that he could sing. i haven't discovered my singing talent yet, but maybe i should try. when i visit uncle earl next time, i will sing for him. thank you uncle earl for the wonderful afternoon.

chubu walked: 8 times
chubu peed: 8 times
chubu pooped: so many times due to the brown rice experiment


映画『耳をすませば』から『カントリーロード』、メジャーリーグ中継でおなじみの『野球に連れてって』、TM NETWORKの『dawn valley』うーん、いい曲ばっかりだなもー。



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