Thursday, April 3, 2008

close encounters of the horse kind 馬との遭遇

today, i had a close encounter of the horse kind. when i went for coffee run with mom and her friends at work to starbucks, i met 2 police horses. (oh, i forgot to mention that i am at work with her again today) what are horses? they are so big!! and they have very long eye lushes. the police officers on the horses were so nice to me. they are my human friends. the horses seem to be quiet - they communicate with their pretty eyes. i kissed their nose and it was really soft. i really like them! mom told me that there are more horses at my grandparents' house. i can't wait to see them. maybe i can ride them and share some treats. I wonder if they are potty trained...

i ate dinner a little late tonight because i went to work with mom. i like going to work with her. her human friends are so nice to me. but mom is tired now because she had to carry me in the doggie bag. (maybe i'm too heavy? am i? i am about 19 pounds. am i heavy? do i look fat?) taking subway is kind of cool. i like looking at people from the small window of the bag. i wonder if my horse friends have ever taken subway.

chubu walked: 7 times
chubu peed: 8 times (i started learning to mark! i'm a big boy!)
chubu pooped: 4 times (i used the same spot in soho. i have good memory)




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