Monday, April 28, 2008

construction confusion リフォームで混乱

my home has changed. one day i found some guys in our home, and they started taking down the kitchen. the kitchen is my favorite area at home because that's where my parents prepare food for me. then, they moved things from the kitchen to our living room. so now i can't lay on our couch. so sad. i'm not scared of the noise they make, but i miss sleeping on the tatami mat.

now, there is a baby gate to separate the kitchen+living room from the rest of our apartment. i don't like the baby gate so much. sometimes it falls and scares me. i try to see how the construction is going through the gate all day.

i have to ask my dad to build an automatic treat dispenser in the new kitchen. if i can have that after this construction, i can say that it is worth living without the tatami mat.

chubu walked in the rain: 4 times. i don't like walking in the rain
chubu peed: 4 times
chubu pooped: once





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