Saturday, April 5, 2008

my profession ぼくの仕事

my main profession is sleeping. i'm really good at it. saturday is a nice day because i can take a nap with mom. my mom is a professional sleeper as well. today went like this: i was writing my blog.... then i fell asleep on my laptop. (by the way, i'm a mac user.) then i took a bath. now i smell so nice. my baby coat is so smooth and nice. i highly recommend that you visit me and rub my belly.

at one of the afternoon walk, i met 2 french bulldogs. one of them was 6-year-old brindle boy (man?), and the other was a younger pied girl. it was like a mini frenchie meeting. it's always nice to meet smoosh kind.

in the afternoon, dad's friend eric came over. he taught me a new trick - "down." but i didn't understand that word so well. i just wanted to make sure that he had treats in his hand. he told me that he has a boston terrier. i hope i can meet him sometime.

chubu walked: 7 times
chubu peed: 8 times (i tried to pee on the towel in my crate. my mom and dad caught me doing that and they got angry at me. i can't tell if it is a pink towel is a wee wee pad. i learned my lesson today)
chubu pooped: 5 times (record high)

ぼくの主な仕事は寝ることだ。眠るのは本当に得意なんだー。土曜日はアヤコが家にいて、一緒に昼寝できるからいいなもー。 今日はこんな風に一日が過ぎていったのだ。ブログを書いて、、、パソコンの上で居眠りして(ちなみにぼくはマック派だに)それからお風呂に入れてもらった。だから今ぼくはすごくいいにおいだし、手触りもやわらかー。ぼくに会いにくるなら今のうちだぎゃ!

午後の散歩のとき、2匹のフレンチブルドッグに会った。6歳のブリンドルのオスとパイドのメス。フレンチブルドッグ ミニ集会みたいでよかったねー。近所にけっこう仲間がいるんだね。



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