Sunday, April 20, 2008

passover パスオーバー

i just came back from a weekend stay in pennsylvania. i went there for passover at my great grandfather's house. everything i experienced this weekend was new to me. i met a lot of my human cousins and dog cousisns there. before the seder, i put on yamaka. it was a human sized one, so i tried not to move for the photo opportunity. i think i look very good with white yamaka. then the seder began. i sat very quietly under the table and wait for my turn to read the book. my turn came, and there were some lines in non-frog language. i couldn't read it. i liked the photos and drawings in the book, though. especially the little boys and baby bird page had so many drawings done by dad. i also enjoyed the songs they sang. maybe by the next passover, i can learn some of those songs.

one of my human cousins hannah gave me the coolest gift. she made me a sweater! it has my name on the back! i can't wait to wear it every day in next winter! thank you hannah. i hope i can play with sulley more next time.

it was an adventure packed weekend. so i want to tell you all the stories. to be continued!

chubu walked: so much! i ran in a huge field with my brothers! (i will tell you about them later)
chubu peed: mom couldn't keep counting because i peed so many times
chubu pooped: 2 times (so much space, so little poop!)






Hannah said...

hi cousin chubu!

it's sulley... it was so much fun sniffing yur butt at seder! sorry about you losing your tail somewhere... don' worry, it still looks perky back there.

anyyyyway... my mom made me the same sweater she made for you, but mine is green! i don' know why she insists on giving me green everything, MY favorite color is brown... like STICKS!! but anyway... i'm glad you like yur sweater... we should coordinate and both wear our sweaters together sometimes, and then we can make bad jokes like the humans do about "calling each other" before we got dressed...

well, i've got to go outside and find a good stick to chew. say hi to yur mom and dad from me!!

mme l'oiseau said...

chubu I love your sweater!
You are one handsome pup!

chubu said...

thank you sulley! your mom rocks! my mom is not very good at knitting, so i'm so happy to have the sweater with my name!!! i hope to play with you soon sulley!

Retta said...

Hi Aaron, The puppy looks great. My daughter Kara also just bought a new puppy it is a Ridgeback that is not the full name of the species but you will understand when you get older how you forget what you are told. Good luck they as you know soon become part of the family.