Friday, April 4, 2008

rain rain rain 雨の日

it was a rainy day today. i put on the yellow rain coat that my grandmom gave me. it looked so good on me. i went to work with mom again today. because it was raining so much, we took a cab. the cab driver didn't know that i was there until i made big snorting noise. he was such a nice human. we had a good time in the cab. after we got to work, mom had to go to press check, so i stayed at her work with marlos and edward. they took good care of me. at lunch time, they took me to the awesome dominican take-out place and i went crazy because that place smelled so good. i want to go there again.

in the afternoon, edward brought his dog, joey ramone. joey ramone is a 3-year-old, chihuahua-terrier. he was very cool looking. i wanted to play with him so much and i even expressed myself by barking (!), but he didn't want to play with me today. (by the way, everyone was so amazed at my voice. maybe i can sing some french songs!) i hope he plays with me next time.

dad came home from boston tonight. boston is where boston terriers are from. boston terriers are smorges like me, so i like them. anyway, i missed him when he was away. so i was so happy to see him. he sung a lot of songs for me and gave me so much belly rub. i had a very nice day today.

chubu walked: 6 times
chubu peed: 8 times (i peed on the sidewalk in soho! the first sidewalk pee! yipeeee!)
chubu pooped: 4 times


午後には”同僚”の、ジョーイ ラモーンに初めて会った。ジョーイ ラモーンはチワワとテリアのミックス犬で、かっちょよかったねー。一緒に遊んでほしかったから吠えて誘ってみたけど、今日はぼくと遊びたくなかったらしいに。しょうがないねー。ちなみに人間の友達はぼくの声初めて聞いたってうれしそうだったなも。次は歌でも歌ってみるか!



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