Sunday, April 13, 2008

meeting cousins イトコとの出会い

i met my cousin betty today. she is a 2-year-old havanese girl who lives with dad's uncle and aunt. she is so much fun to play with. she weighs about a half of me, but she is so fast to run and knows how to play. i got so excited and my pee leaked. sorry. she lives with 2 cats, so i had a bite of cat food. then, my human cousin daisuke came over from philadelphia. dai-chan was so nice to me. he gave me so much belly rub and i took a nap on his lap.

all of us went to a dog run in washington square park together. at first, we went to the dog run for small dogs. i met a lot of non-frog faced friends. i especially liked chasing the long sausage dogs. i was thinking of chasing real sausages while i was in the small dog run. then, we moved to the dog run for the big dogs. that was rough. a crazy airedale was all over me and my body was wet and covered with sand after he left. i didn't like him! but there were some very nice dog friends there. i'm now confident that i can be friends with big dogs.

it was such action-packed weekend. now i need some quiet time to take a nap.

chubu walked: 7 times
chubu peed: so many times including the excitetment pee
chubu pooped: 3 times

今日はイトコたちに会ったのだ。 最初のイトコ、ベティは2歳のハバニーズの女の子。ベティはアーロンの叔父さん叔母さんと住んどって、でらいい子だったなもー。体重はぼくの半分くらいしかにゃーんだけど、足は速いし、どうやって犬友と遊ぶか知っとっていい感じだったねー。あんまり興奮したもんで、うれションしてまった。ごめんよ。ベティの家には2匹猫がおったから、キャットフードの試食もしてみた。まあまあだった。そのあと、人間のイトコ、だいちゃんが来た。だいちゃんはめちゃいい人だったねー。いっぱい遊んでなでてもらって大満足だったに。おまけにだいちゃんのふとももの上で昼寝までしたのだ。しあわせー。



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