Monday, April 21, 2008

school of tricks 芸の学校

past weekend, i found out that i have a sister and 2 brothers. they are weimaraners. my sister is sadie, and my brothers are otis and lenni. we are all students at school of tricks. the teacher is my grandmother and grandfather. actually, sadie and otis are graduate students already. lenni is like my RA. he was showing me so many tricks he can do. look how good students we are! the tricks i learned were "touch" "turn left" and "come." it was nice to attend in a class in a yard. i couldn't master them in the weekend, so i got a lot of homework.

one thing i didn't understand about my siblings is that they have pointy nose. they are a little bigger than me, but i didn't see the difference so much other than my frog face and their pointy nose. i wonder if they can smell better with their nose. my RA lenni became my best friend. he is so much fun to wrestle with. i think i might be a bit stronger than him, so i controlled my strength when i played with him. my sleep over at my grandparents was so fun! i want to go see them again soon.

chubu walked: many many times
chubu peed: many many times
chubu pooped: once! i tried to find a spot to poop, but there were so much space. i couldn't make up my mind.




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